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Services We Provide

Discovery offers a variety of services including Educational Therapy, Diagnostic Evaluations, Nutritional Counseling, and Partnerships with Private Schools.  Discovery goes beyond tutoring by helping children and adults alike, improve necessary skills, so that they can flourish in all aspects of their lives.



Click the Above Picture to learn more!  Your child could be suffering from a learning disability or disorder that has gone undetected.  Check out these articles about a variety of issues that impact those who are struggling to learn, as well as the families that love them.


 As my beloved student and I were beginning our Dictation and Copy technique, one of the dictated sentences included the word discovery.  This is a student with extreme spelling challenges, often misspelling an average of four words per sentence. As she began to build the word, I could see her intentional efforts to build her word, syllable by syllable, applying her Blue Book patterns and rules. When she had finished her word, she looked up from her work exclaiming, " I think I got it right!!" to which I quickly replied, " You did!!" After doing our happy dance and woohoo's, I reminded her that discovery is the name of our program. We both proclaimed, " It's the circle of life!" –Mary Kaye Dickinson, Educational Therapist

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