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Services We Provide

Discovery offers a variety of services including Educational Therapy, Diagnostic Evaluations, Nutritional Counseling, and Partnerships with Private Schools.  Discovery goes beyond tutoring by helping children and adults alike, improve necessary skills, so that they can flourish in all aspects of their lives.



Click the Above Picture to learn more!  Your child could be suffering from a learning disability or disorder that has gone undetected.  Check out these articles about a variety of issues that impact those who are struggling to learn, as well as the families that love them.


"If I hadn't received educational therapy and learned how to think my way through math, I would have failed algebra in high school. Thank you, Discovery! I'm 24 now and still using what I learned."

-- Former Discovery student


At Discovery Therapies, we work hard to prepare your student for a lifetime of learning!


We Recommend...
Free webinars, games, motivational tools, printable worksheets and much more from "the most widely adopted personalized learning curriculum in the United States."
Free games, interactive times tables, classroom activities, crafts, recipes and a special area for parents who want to help their child learn. From 1st grade through high school.
Puzzles and an illustrated math dictionary can be found here. math quizzes and games to help all the way from simple addition to pre-calculus. (requires subscription)
Comprehensive coverage designed to meet state standards, IXL is "...the world's most comprehensive math practice program...All questions—even word problems—are algorithmically generated, meaning that every question is unique, and students never see repeats no matter how long they practice." They have also added divisions for social studies, science and language arts.

Game(s) of the Month
We couldn’t pick just one! See this website for many different math games that practice skills from addition to fractions. Check out their free e-book, too! 



Parent Tips

When it comes to math, it is all about keeping it real! How many of us have struggled with math or expressed a dislike of math in the past? To have your child make a meaningful connection with math, it is important to be positive and to make math relevant. Take every opportunity to make math a part of your daily routine.

For younger students, parents can suggest counting all cars of a certain color as you drive. How about identifying the shapes of restaurant signs? See this article for more information. 

For older students, make it a family project to get involved in couponing. Many math skills can be utilized while you are saving money. See this website for more information.


RECOMMENDED READING - Stanford University

This is a great article that highlights an important thing to remember when students are being asked to memorize math facts. Children and adults alike need to have a strong number sense in order to develop true math fluency. 

Number sense is the ability to work with numbers flexibly. For example, the article (Boaler, 2015) states, “when asked to solve 7 x 8 someone with number sense may have memorized 56 but they would also be able to work out that 7 x 7 is 49 and then add 7 to make 56, or they may work out ten 7’s and subtract two 7’s (70-14). They would not have to rely on a distant memory.”

This article is a valuable resource. At the end, activities are included to use to develop number sense.

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