Learning Disabilities & Disorders


The most well known of learning disorders...and also the most misunderstood!

Written Expression

One of the more poorly understood learning disabilities.

Math / Dyscalculia

It's a learning disability that isn’t as well-known as dyslexia, yet researchers now think it may be almost as common.

ADHD & Executive Functioning

Learn about how faulty exectutive functioning can lead to ADHD.

Non-Verbal Learning Disorder

A develop-mental disability that often goes undiagnosed.




A develop-mental disorder that impairs the ability to communicate and interact


Aspergers Syn-drome

A type of pervasive develop-mental disorder


Language Process-ing Disorder

Affects attaching meaning to sound groups that form words, sentences, and stories.


PDD - Pervasive Develop-mental Disorder

A group of disorders characterized by delays in the development of socialization and communi-cation skills.

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