Discovery Therapies, Inc. 

Unlocking Success for Life and Learning

A Non-Profit Learning Development Center 

At Discovery Therapies, a learning center in Columbia, SC, we understand that when kids have learning differences that cause school to be difficult, it is stressful for the whole family. For these students tutoring just isn’t enough.

We go beyond tutoring and address the underlying issues that cause students to struggle, so learning, and life, can be fun again.


Who We Serve

Our educational therapy and learning center provides students with the tools to succeed in the traditional classroom setting. Services are provided in person in metro Columbia, SC or via telehealth. Students that can be successful with our services are:

  • Students behind peers in reading, writing or math
  • Students with Learning Disorders / Disabilities
  • Cognitively low functioning and slow learners
  • High functioning autism
  • ADHD and executive functioning disorders

Types of Therapeutic Services

  • Search and Teach: a preventive program for K-5 and 1st Graders
  • RX for Discovery Interventions: skills to catch up in reading, writing or math
  • NILD Educational Therapy®: the most comprehensive intervention addressing underlying perceptual and cognitive skills necessary for learning
  • Executive Functioning: build skills such as organization, time management, problem solving, goal setting, etc
  • Nutritional Therapy: unlock healthy eating habits by addressing the dietary needs of students, patients, and their families
  • Tutoring: help a student "catch-up" in necessary skills or missing information in the primary academic areas
  • Evaluation & Analysis: determining WHY the student struggles utilizing diagnostic testing

Contact us for a complimentary consultation.

(803) 419-0126

Services available in Columbia, SC metro area and via telehealth.

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