DTI's Student Spotlight!!!

As the school year continues alone, we've been recieving some great news from our student past and present. With all the hard work they've put towards learning through DTI and making great strides in class, we want to celebrate these student and their achievement. We want to give you a chance to support them and let them know we're all so proud of them and their hard work. Head over to Discovery News! to learn about some of our students and the amazing achievements they've accomplished this school year!

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Your child could be suffering from a learning disability or disorder that has gone undetected.  Check out these articles about a variety of issues that impact those who are struggling to learn, as well as the families that love them.


"If I hadn't received educational therapy and learned how to think my way through math, I would have failed algebra in high school. Thank you, Discovery! I'm 24 now and still using what I learned."

-- Former Discovery student



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