Our Endorsements

Discovery Therapies, Inc. and/or Donna Weston, our executive director, are proud members of the following organizations:


Together SC - a nonprofit organization that supports SC nonprofits.



With hands joined across our state, Together SC serves the thousands of South Carolinians dedicated to community service, leadership and caring through nonprofit and philanthropic organizations. Together SC is the only statewide membership organization that is focused on bringing together South Carolina's leaders and partners to strengthen the state's entire nonprofit community.


NILD - The National Institute for Learning Development


NILD is an international non-profit teacher training organization that builds competence and confidence for educators. Our methods were developed over 40 years ago and have worked to transform over 100,000 students worldwide. NILD is endorsed and accredited by leading experts and organizations in the field of education, and our methods are praised by parents, students and educators who have seen lasting results. In addition to providing accredited training to educators, we connect students to NILD-certified and licensed Educational Therapists and NILD inside schools.


IDA - The International Dyslexia Association


IDA is a non-profit education and advocacy organization devoted to issues surrounding dyslexia. The International Dyslexia Association serves individuals with dyslexia, their families, and professionals in the field. It has 9,000 members, an all-volunteer Board of Directors and it operates with more than 40 branches throughout the United States and Canada, and has global partners in twenty-one countries.


LDA - The Learning Disabilities Association


Learning Disabilities Association of America is an association of parents, educators, adults with disabilities, and professionals to address the difficulties created by learning disabilities, starting with the passage of the first federal legislation mandating a free, appropriate, public education for students with disabilities. 

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