Founder and CEO of Discovery Therapies, Inc.

Donna Weston, M.Ed., PCET, is Founder and Executive Director of Discovery Therapies, Inc. She is not only an educator, educational therapist, NILD Board Member, and NILD Instructor, but is also a parent of a learning disabled and ADHD son.


Her passion for the struggling learner and their families is born out of her own experience. Her son, Ryan, was born with congenital heart defects requiring four open heart surgeries by the time he was four years old. She and her husband, Mike, knew that learning difficulties would likely result, but they had no idea of the consequences to come.


Not knowing about Educational Therapy until Ryan was a teenager, Donna home schooled him throughout his educational career, while her other two sons experienced a combination of home, private, and public educations. She and Mike watched this energetic, out-going, intelligent boy who loved to explore and learn become frustrated, angry, and blame himself and the world for his being "stupid".


Donna knows first hand the challenges and heart-aches often involved in raising a child with learning disabilities or differences: trying to keep them interested in education, trying to convince them that they are not "stupid", helping the family deal with the emotional and behavioral consequences that often accompany the learning challenges. Every minute, every moment, every effort was worth it.


Today, Ryan is an adult with a very close relationship with each member of his family, and struggling learners are being helped on their journey to become independent learners.

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