Our Mission is...

Our Mission is...


... to unlock success for life and learning for individuals of all ages who are struggling to be independent in home, school, and the work place. We seek to fulfill this mission by providing multidisciplinary services to those who are struggling, those who desire to improve their thinking skills, and those who support and encourage them.


  • Discovery Program unlocks the minds of struggling learners by addressing the underlying neurologically based perceptual and cognitive skills necessary to learn.

  • Discovery OT (coming soon) unlocks life skills for those who have needs best addressed through occupational therapy: fine motor, sensory integration, proprioception (balance), etc. These skills impact both life skills and a person’s cognitive availability for learning.

  • Discovery Speech (coming soon) unlocks language skills for those with functional language difficulties preventing them from effective communication in school, home, and community.

  • Nutritional Therapy unlocks healthy eating habits by addressing the dietary needs of students, patients, and their families. Food is the fuel that is critical in providing the bio-chemical balances and energy necessary for life and learning.



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