Our Vision

Since our inception as an organization in 2006, our vision has been to become the trusted experts for those who are struggling to learn.

  • We intend to become widely known as experts in the area of learning development. As such, we plan to be a trusted resource that helps people in the community in the decision-making process of choosing appropriate assistance, even if that does not include our fee-based services.
  • We will offer a variety of therapy and/or health based services provided by highly trained and licensed practitioners, which effectively address the underlying issues that cause students to struggle.
  • Our intention is that students who complete the educational therapy process become independent learners, no longer needing significant accommodations.
  • We will be a complement to the other interventions that are compensatory in nature (such as tutoring) and not necessarily a substitute.
  • We will partner with private, public and home schools – partnering with them in educating their students, as well as providing professional support to the adults that work with these students.
  • We will continue to provide fee for service, at a lower cost than most national tutoring centers, in order to work with students
  • We will seek to help the public schools provide NILD training for their special education and resource teachers in order that cost will not be a factor for the middle-to-low income students.
  • We will start and maintain a scholarship fund to assist parents in their ability to pay for services.
  • We will partner with other nonprofits/organizations that are working with struggling learners, in order to raise the funds necessary for us to assist with these individual’s educational needs. 
  • We will develop relationships with the medical and psychological community in order to help provide services for adults who have suffered traumatic brain injury impacting their cognitive and educational skills; such as those who have had a stroke or car accident.


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