What is Growth Mindset?

What is a Growth Mindset?

Do you have a fixed mindset or a growth mindset?

A fixed mindset thinks, “I can’t make significant improvement in an area unless I possess natural talent.”

A growth mindset thinks, “My success is directly linked to my effort.”

A fixed mindset thinks, “I’ll avoid challenges because I am afraid of failure and embarrassment.”

A growth mindset thinks, “I’ll embrace challenges without fear of failure because I will gain something when I try, even if my original goal is not met.”

A fixed mindset says, “I’m giving up. I’ve hit a wall. I just can’t go any further.”

A growth mindset says, “I’m going to find the door in the wall and get through this.”

A fixed mindset says, “My lack of success is due to other people or circumstances beyond my control.” 

A growth mindset says, “My success is directly linked to my own strategic effort, and I am responsible for my own results.” 

Did you notice the word “strategic” in the last sentence? 

Effort alone isn’t always enough. Some students are putting forth a lot of effort but are not achieving the desired success because they are using ineffective strategies. 

That’s where Discovery Therapies really shines. We teach struggling students to be flexible in their thinking and discover new and more effective strategies that do lead to success. 

Although effort is directly tied to success, not all effort is equally effective. 

Our students learn to plan, execute their plan, evaluate their plan’s effectiveness, and then make adjustments in order to produce consistently better outcomes. 

This is the essence of a growth mindset, and it’s part of the jet fuel that propels our students to reach their learning goals. 

Which type of mindset do you have? Which type of mindset does your child have? In our next blog, we’ll discuss how to encourage a growth mindset in yourself and others.

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