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Meet Carly: a young girl who dreamed of being a teacher but struggled to read. As she progressed through school, she became convinced that she was stupid and worthless. She dropped out as soon as she could and got a job at a local diner. Her options were limited. Her IQ? 125 - in the superior range. She should have been able to go to any college she wanted. If only someone had recognized she had a reading disability. 


Meet Discovery Student Carly: a young girl whose parents and teachers recognized that she was brilliant. She also had a reading disability. They found out that therapy interventions could make all of the difference. Carly learned to read and graduated from high school. She could go to any college she wanted!


Who is your Carly?

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Our work is done primarily one-on-one with children who struggle to learn. The amazing changes we see are achieved by our skilled educational therapists. What another's insurance can't cover, your gift can for these deserving children. We long to help those who cannot afford to pay for these services by themselves. 


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$25 a month (for a year) will pay for one month's intervention

$100 a month (for a year) will pay for four month's intervention



Imagine what larger gifts could do!


Let's change the world, one life at a time!

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