FAQ: Are there any symptoms or "warning signs" that I should look for to know if my child needs to be tested for Dyslexia?





Yes! Although these can look different at different stages of development, common symptoms for 5-6 year olds may include: speech delays, constant confusion over left and right, difficulty rhyming words or differentiating between similar sounding words. We offer the nationally recognized SEARCH & TEACH program for this age group to evaluate and treat these early warning indicators of future learning issues.


For those in elementary grades and older, especially by second grade, signs can become more prominent.  These students will struggle with reading and will display some or many of these characteristics: choppy, inaccurate oral reading, difficulty with remembering sight words, skipping words or lines while reading, substituting words, and reading comprehension difficulty. Terrible spelling or handwriting, being highly disorganized, or difficulty in memorizing multiplication tables are also among the indicators that an evaluation by a diagnostician is highly recommended.



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