FAQ: I've heard that many children arejust later in developing reading skills. Shouls I just wait until my child is older to ne evaluated for reading probelms?





True, not all children are alike, but medically speaking, developmental milestones tend to follow a pattern. If you suspect your child may have a learning difference, don’t wait! The earlier it is identified, the easier, and often times, the quicker the child is able to learn the tools they need to become independent learners. This is best done through qualified educational therapy services, specifically designed for your child’s specific areas of weakness.


The difficulty with “waiting to see” is that the child may begin to notice they are not able to perform at the same level as their peers and their self-image can quickly fall.  Also, frustration and anger (for both student and parent!) can begin, and labels of “stupid”, “lazy”, or “unmotivated” may begin to be used when in fact, the student may be very bright but is just unable to perform well. Many students have said, “I just thought I was stupid” when, in fact, they just needed the right tools to learn. In addition, the longer that learning challenges are not addressed, the further behind their peers a student becomes, and it becomes increasingly difficult (although not impossible) for them to catch up.


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