Is Home Schooling Right for your Family?

After determining if you are legally allowed to home school in your state (*check with your State Department of Education if you are unsure), the next question you can ask yourself is;

is home schooling the best choice for my family?


If your child has learning differences, home schooling is a great option, especially if you are in a program such as Discovery Therapies.  It will allow your child more time to strengthen their weaknesses and for more flexibility in curriculum choices. Also, home schooling allows learners to advance ahead of their peers and have a wider choice of subject matter.


Home schooling is not for the meek, however. It is a time consuming endeavor, though it allows more flexibility and can create more "opportunity for natural learning moments" to arise.  Many who home school have a different outlook on learning altogether. Time is available for mastery of subjects and combining subjects such as history, literature and art in a chronological order.


Resources are vast and include local programs such as Classical Conversations, Arrows Academy, on-line courses and dual enrollment with the local Technical College. It allows for "teacher developed" programs, co-oping with other families or entire programs or subjects being taught through on-line or DVD resources.


Whatever your decision, it is always a good idea to network with other home school families. Many support groups are available and usually established within certain areas of the city. Also, if you have a child in the Discovery Therapies program, curriculum counseling is always available.


Remember, you must be accountable to the State, your school district or another "Third Option" group and you must remain dedicated.  You don't have to know everything when you are home school parents, you just have to be able to lead you children into how to find information. Learning how to learn and problem solve is your key focus!




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