Calculation Skills

Being able to perform well with paper and pencil math problems involves:

  • Solid math facts skills (math fluency)
  • Visual memory of the processes involved (think "long division")
  • Visual-Spatial reasoning skills (lining up problems, understanding graphs)
  • Visual discrimination skills (not missing those pesky little negative signs)
  • Understanding of the whys behind the processes


Complicated right? As complicated as this all looks, Math is actually quite logical! 


The whys are actually the most important part of math calculation skills! Memory of processes will only get a student so far...typically through middle school. There is a direct connection in the thought processes behind fraction concepts and algebra. Without these cognitive connections, the student struggles throughout high school thinking that they are stupid when it comes to math!


Too many bright students think they are stupid! If your student struggles with math, learn about interventions available, find out what areas of math are hindering them through testing, and contact us for help. Difficulties in math are conquerable!


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