Cognitive Development & ADHD

So, how do you strengthen a weak memory system?

Through a lot of hard work! The biggest key is to learn how to make connections to the long-term memory – that which is already known. This involves developing cognitive strategies and lots of practice.

  • Which type of information is more difficult for them to memorize: visual or auditory? Info that makes sense or abstract info? Practice all types.
  • Choose a passage for the student to memorize. Give one sentence at a time. Practice that same passage for several days until they have it memorized. It will be easier for them if they can make sense of it. Ask questions to determine why a sentence or phrase is so difficult, making sure they understand.
  • For visual exercises play the Memory Game. It is available as a game and in many electronic versions
  • Read a part of a story to them and have them narrate back the information. Look for them to grow in their ability to remember critical details: names, places, events. Also, have them work towards repeating the events in order. Make a game of it with them earning points for every detail they can remember.
  • Have them read a story or a part of one (silently or aloud), remove the story and have them repeat back what they just read. Again, make a game of it.


Consistency is critical!

If you cannot be consistent on your own, find accountability - or find out if Discovery Program's interventions would be advisable. Contact us for more information.

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