You Are Right!

There is more - much more - to your struggling student than what they can demonstrate at school!

Learning Disabilities


Learning Disabilities, or learning disorders of any kind, can be devastating not only for the student, but for the families as well. Children are hardwired from birth to love to learn. They are intrigued by the world around them and absorb information at astounding rates. Unfortunately, when a learning disability is present bright students cannot demonstrate how intelligent they really are. They end up frustrated, eventually feeling stupid, and with many giving up entirely.


Learning Disorders


Learning Disorders are not diagnosable learning disabilities but are just as potentially educationally devastating. This group would include students classified as ADHD, slow learners, students who have genetic disorders, mental retardation, as well as gifted students with high IQ's but who are unable to perform at that level. Parents are often aware that their child is capable of so much more than they can demonstrate in a classroom. Their goal, and ours, is to have their child go as far as they can with as few hindrances as possible. That is the goal of learning development, we want to develop their learning potential.

⇩ Pyramid of the Independent Learner ⇩

This student's foundational neurological and cognitive skills are solidly in place, enabling the student to master the necessary academic skills that then enable them to learn content in the higher grades.

⇩ Pyramid of the Dysfunctional Learner ⇩

When a learning disability or learning disorder exists, the weaknesses in the foundation cause the learning pyramid to become dysfunctional, making learning extremely difficult, if not impossible, for the struggling learner.

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