Helping Your Pokey Child with Reading Fluency


Decoding needs to become an automatic skill where a person builds the ability to instantly recognize words. But word recognition is not enough! Connections need to be made.


Reading Fluency is all about making those connections, doing so:

  • Fluidly (vs. choppy)
  • Quickly
  • Oral reading sounding like a conversation – following the flow of phrases and sentences
  • Making meaningful connections vs. just word calling


So how do you build reading fluency?

Practice, Practice, Practice!

  1. Make sure that you are addressing it along with other reading skills. It is rare that a struggling reader has only one area of difficulty.
  2. Have them read aloud to you for a minimum five minutes at a time. You can go longer but be careful not to go for too long. A frustrated reader will have difficulty learning how to want to read!
  3. When they struggle to read a sentence smoothly, go to the end of the sentence, but then have them read it again until they can read it smoothly. Warn them ahead of time that you will be doing this so they don’t frustrate as easily!
  4. Use books/materials that are at their current “independent” reading level (not grade level). For reading level book suggestions click Here.
  5. Focus on high interest materials that will be fun for them. For high interest book suggestions click Here.
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