Reading Technology

Audiobooks are a great option for those who can understand content read to them, but for whom the reading process itself is tortuous! For those readers, having a digital book allows them to keep up with content as they continue to work on their reading skills. can just be fun!


So, where can you get them?

  • Your public library likely offers a wide array of digital books read by professional voice artists that can be lent for two or three weeks. These are of very high quality and often fun to listen to. However, often you need the resource longer when used for school. They also have limited copies so a given title may not be available when you need it.
  • Learning Ally is a nonprofit organization that offers audio books for struggling readers for a yearly subscription.  The majority of these books are read by volunteers, but they have a collection of text books as well as fiction. Their library is in the tens of thousands! Click this link to learn how to sign up.
  • Publishers sometimes offer audio versions of their books
  • Online stores:,, etc.


If you know of other sources, please let us know and we will add the information here.



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