South Carolina offers scholarships or tax credits to families who enroll their child(ren) with special needs (i.e. deaf, autistic, learning disabled, ADHD, etc.) in eligible private schools.


The maximum scholarship or tax credit is $11,000 per school year. Ask your private school if DTI’s tuition is included with their schedule of fees as our services would be covered by the state funding if billed through your school.



For information regarding this funding follow the links below.

Qualified students: https://www.exceptionalsc.org/students-parents/eligible-students/


Approved private schools: https://www.exceptionalsc.org/students-parents/school-options/

Currently, all of the schools that DTI partners with are eligible for this funding, although not all provide for billing of DTI’s interventions through them as the scholarships awarded would be sufficient for their tuition only.


Scholarship funds are approved by the state legislature every year, so therefore, the amount will vary. We recommend setting a “Google alert” with the key word: exceptionalsc. https://www.exceptionalsc.org/students-parents/scholarships/
Scholarships are first awarded to those who have received scholarships in the past, so new applicants may receive partial funds or not receive funding at all as the money runs out quickly.


Tax credit: https://www.exceptionalsc.org/students-parents/tuition-tax-credits/
The good news is that you can apply for both scholarship and tax credit. The challenge is that you would have to pre-pay your school’s tuition by December 31.


Please read the information from the exceptionalsc.org website carefully so you understand how this funding program works. 


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