Diagnosis- Why & How?

Are there gaps in information - or is it that the student cannot learn a particular skill...no matter how hard they try?


When there is a learning disability or learning disorder, the problem is not motivation or that he or she is not trying hard enough. They honestly cannot do it. As the student gets older and experiences failure to succeed over and over, no matter how hard they try, then it is common to see lack of motivation and all forms of avoidance techniques. 

Determining WHY the student struggles is the purpose of diagnostic testing. It will identify the student's educational strengths and weaknesses, revealing why the student's educational journey has become such a torturous experience instead of the adventure it should be. Often the student already feels that there is something "wrong" with them and that they are different from the other students. It is often a relief to them to discover that they are, indeed, smart and that their learning difficulties are not their fault. By better understanding the weaknesses that are hindering their child, the parent will then be able to make educated decisions regarding the child's educational needs.


Learning disabilities and disorders are diagnosed through a battery of tests that measure and compare students’ current learning potential with their actual performance. NILD Educational Therapists work in conjunction with qualified examiners and can assist parents in completing appropriate psychological and educational assessments. 

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