Full Psycho-Educational Evaluation

 The minimum components of the test will include:

  • An IQ test, usually the WISC (Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children). This test helps to determine the student's current ability to perform at grade level expectation - how easy or difficult should education be for your student at this point in time.
  • A standardized achievement test such as the Woodcock Johnson Tests of Achievement. This provides information on how are they currently achieving academically.
  • A test of Visual Motor Integration (Bender or Beery VMI). This test helps to identify potential difficulties in accurately getting down on paper what they see.
  • A test of executive functioning

Ideally the testing is used to understand how the student is currently wired to learn - his or her unique profile of strengths and weaknesses. However, this type of evaluation is also necessary for diagnosis of a potential learning disorder, as well as placement in special education in public schools. It is also required for enrollment in Discovery Program's full educational therapy program so an individually tailored program can be designed. Although tremendously helpful, it is not necessary for skill specific interventions (Rx for Discovery Interventions)early intervention programs, or FIE. The ultimate goal is to understand how the student is wired to learn.


Public schools can provide this evaluation at no cost to the parent, although it is typically a lengthy process. Parents may also seek private testing at costs ranging from $800-$3,000 depending on who is doing the testing and what additional components the evaluator deems necessary to include. Please contact us if you need guidance in getting the testing done or would be interested in a referral to one of our local psychologists.



Private testing done through a referral from Discovery Therapies may qualify for significant discounts.


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