Symptoms of Learning Disabilities

Symptoms of learning disabilities vary among individuals but could include many of the indicators listed below:


  • Significant delay in any of the basic academic skills: reading, writing, mathematics
  • Frustration with lack of performance
  • Mixed dominance - example: write with left hand and bat right handed
  • Directional confusion - often confuses left from right
  • Similar learning problems in other family members
  • Extreme difficulties in sequencing
  • Slowed or delayed speech development
  • Difficulty with time and time relationships
  • Memory retrieval problems
  • Poor motor control
  • Problems with attention
  • Disorganization
  • Tendency toward reversals after 8 years old
  • Poor oral reading
  • Poor handwriting and dysgraphia
  • Inability to copy correctly
  • Poor spelling
  • Difficulty expressing thoughts verbally or in writing
  • Behavior problems
  • Leaks and lapses in memory
  • Slow processing - takes longer than most to complete a task
  • May have significant creativity/talents in one or more areas



At Risk Students *Those who have experienced trauma 0-3 years old.*

For example:

  • surgeries
  • multiple ear infections
  • abuse
  • premature birth
  • major illnesses
  • neglect
  • birth trauma
  • injury to the head
  • mother who smoked/drank during pregnancy


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