NILD - The National Institute for Learning Development




NILD is a nationally accredited organization for training educational therapists.


  • Programs are located:
    • In over 1000 schools and private practices nationally 
    • In many countries worldwide 
  • Has been training Educational Therapists and developing programs for over 30 years. 
  • Trains educators in a model of intervention utilizing a variety of methods designed to:
    • Develop learning ability 
    • Strengthen cognitive functioning 
    • Use interactive language in a dynamic, unscripted approach
    • Intentional and explicitly focused upon learning needs, ideally defined through psycho-educational assessment. 
  • The educational therapist guides the student through: 
    • Socratic questioning 
    • Inductive reasoning 
    • Systematic feedback 
    • Self-regulation (self-control)
    • Direct transfer to life skills
  • The goal of NILD Educational Therapy® is to equip individuals who struggle to learn to succeed as independent learners.


IDA (The International Dyslexia Association)


IDA has endorsed NILD as a research based training organization, specifically for reading.


It is one of only two non-university teacher training organizations that currently have IDA approval. IDA's endorsement of NILD's training is a nationally recognized accomplishment. To read about the rigorous standards that must be met, click here.


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