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     Discovery Therapies, Inc. is a non-profit clinic offering a variety of therapies to meet the needs of those that struggle with life and learning.  It is a Program of Excellence with the National Institute for Learning Development (NILD).


     It began as the private practice of Donna Weston, was incorporated in 2006, and then transitioned to the nonprofit organization as of January 2011. We are committed to reaching the communities of South Carolina with solutions for those who struggle. They may have an official diagnosis, such as a learning disability, or they may be one or more grade levels behind and have fallen through the cracks in the public school system, or they may have other conditions that have resulted in learning issues as a secondary problem.


     Here at Discovery, we offer a variety of academic and cognitive programs that are designed to create independent learners. We offer occupational, speech and nutritional therapies to address issues that impact the quality of life, as well as their cognitive availability for learning. We also offer workshops to better enable parents and teachers to understand learning disabilities and the issues surrounding them.


As a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, our documents are available for public viewing. Documents will be made available upon request. It is our honor to serve!

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