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2019 is Here!!

The new year has arrived! It's time to break out of that holiday vacation and back into the world and DTI is here to help! You may have forgotten a few things while you were away, or maybe you met a new friend that you can help supply with valuable information, we're here to fill in those gaps and give you the great valuable information you can use and share with anyone who may need it!

Understanding with Understood is a great website ful of great information on LD issues as well as events and a helpful community.

DTI's Student Spotlight

As the school year continues alone, we've been recieving some great news from our student past and present.

We want to give you a chance to support them and let them know we're all so proud of them and their hard work. Click here to learn about some of our students and the amazing achievements they've accomplished this school year!

What is a Pschycological Educational Evalution?

Professionals may suggest that you have one done for your child, but exactly is a Pschycological Educational Evaluation? 

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