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            We know that providing specialized education and educational therapy are important to you.  We also know that bearing the cost of these resources can cause a significant financial strain for many.  We are delighted that the state of South Carolina has decided to reach out to families of children with learning differences to make sure that they have access to private school education.  We are providing a link below to give you more information on how you can tap into scholarships and tax credits to help offset the cost of tuition at many private schools. 


While it is not too late to apply for tax credits, the program is first come-first served so we urge you to apply quickly, before the funding runs out for this school year.  Early is also better when it comes to applying for scholarships.  It is not too soon to inquire about applications for the 2018-19 school year.


Currently, there are no scholarships for educational therapy but we are hoping that some schools may add us to their tuition schedule so that some or all of what we do would be covered.  We promise to keep you updated on this situation as we learn more from our partner schools.


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Relating to Your Child's Schools & Teachers

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Private School Partnership

Discovery Therapies, Inc. partners with private schools to provide services, both free and tuition based, on campus. Click here for a list.

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Exceptional SC

Through tuition tax credits & scholarships, Exceptional SC helps special needs students attend credentialed schools in that meet their educational needs.

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