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Our Interventions permantly change the way a person percieves, processes or communicates information by addressing the foundational issues that cause students to struggle. Here at Discovery Therapies we provide a variety of services that will teach students new ways to learn and unlock their full potential.


Educational Therapy: NILD Trained & Licensed

We make the process of learning easier!

Discovery Program unlocks the minds of struggling learners by addressing the underlying neurologically based perceptual and cognitive skills necessary to learn.

Rx for Discovery Interventions

Reading (RxDR), Writing (RxDW), or Math (RxDM)

As with all of our programs, we can help you decide if this program is right for your child. Rx For Discovery Interventions are academic specific interventions that address Reading (RxDR), Writing (RxDW), or Math (RxDM) one area at a time.


SEARCH and TEACH Early Intervention: Assessment Scanning Tools

SEARCH is a scanning instrument for identification of potential learning challenges while TEACH is the aspect of the program that works on learning tasks for the prevention of learning disabilities.  If you suspect your child may have some type of learning issue, this is a good tool for early detection. 

Nutritional Therapy

Discovery Nutrition unlocks healthy eating habits, by addressing the dietary needs of students, patients, and their familes. Food is the fuel that is critcal in providing the bio-chemical balances and energy necessary for life and learning.


Find options for determining how a student is wired to learn and where their strengths and weaknesses lay.

Private School Partnerships

Find out how Discovery can partner with a private no cost to the school!

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