The Cornerstones of Discovery Therapies, Inc. 

Our Mission, Vision, Values and Promises

Our Mission 

The mission of Discovery Education Therapies in Columbia, SC is to unlock success for life and learning for individuals of all ages who are struggling to be independent in home, school, and the workplace. We seek to fulfill this mission by providing multidisciplinary services.

  • Discovery Educational Therapies unlocks the minds of struggling learners by addressing the underlying neurologically based perceptual and cognitive skills necessary to learn.
  • Discovery OT (coming soon) unlocks life skills for those who have needs best addressed through occupational therapy: fine motor, sensory integration, proprioception (balance), etc. These skills impact both life skills and a person’s cognitive availability for learning.
  • Discovery Speech (coming soon) unlocks language skills for those with functional language difficulties preventing them from effective communication in school, home, and community.
  • Nutritional Therapy unlocks healthy eating habits by addressing the dietary needs of students, patients, and their families. Food is the fuel that is critical in providing the bio-chemical balances and energy necessary for life and learning.

Our Vision 

Since our inception as an organization in 2006, our vision for Discovery Therapies has been to become Columbia’s trusted educational therapy experts for those who are struggling to learn.

  • We intend to become widely known as Columbia’s experts in the area of learning development. As such, we plan to be a trusted resource that helps people in the community in the decision-making process of choosing appropriate assistance, even if that does not include our fee-based services.
  • We will offer people of the Columbia area a variety of educational therapy services and/or health based services provided by highly trained and licensed practitioners, which effectively address the underlying issues that cause students to struggle.
  • Our intention is that students who complete the educational therapy process become independent learners, no longer needing significant accommodations.
  • We will be a complement to the other interventions that are compensatory in nature (such as tutoring) and not necessarily a substitute.
  • We will partner with private, public and home schools – partnering with them in educating their students, as well as providing professional support to the adults that work with these students.
  • We will continue to provide fee for service, at a lower cost than most national tutoring centers, in order to work with students.
  • We will seek to help the public schools provide NILD training for their special education and resource teachers in order that cost will not be a factor for the middle-to-low income students.
  • We will start and maintain a scholarship fund to assist parents in their ability to pay for services.
  • We will partner with other nonprofits/organizations that are working with struggling learners, in order to raise the funds necessary for us to assist with these individual’s educational needs.
  • We will develop relationships with the medical and psychological community in order to help provide services for adults who have suffered traumatic brain injury impacting their cognitive and educational skills; such as those who have had a stroke or car accident.

Our Values 

  • We value honoring God in all we do, exemplified by a commitment to a Biblical worldview that informs how we relate with our clients
  • We value integrity, as we try to operate with transparency, authenticity and genuine sincerity
  • We value the uniqueness and inherent worth of the individual
  • We value developing the minds and hearts of future generations
  • We value a stimulating and innovative learning environment - encouraging intellectual curiosity, and proactive and creative thinking
  • We value serving with excellence
  • We value interdependence exemplified by teamwork, partnership, and collaboration
  • We value open lines of communication with both struggling learners and their caregivers

Our Promises 

  • We promise to help provide practical help and information that can be applied to everyday life
  • We promise to assist parents and other caregivers to recognize and develop the student’s strengths and addresses their areas of weakness
  • We promise to respect parents and other caregiver’s opinions and insights, as we together ascertain what is best for the student and their family
  • We promise to be good listeners who are receptive to feedback and adjust our services to the student and family accordingly, within the bounds of our profession

Contact us for a complementary consultation.

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Services available in Columbia, SC metro area and via telehealth.

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