RX for Discovery Interventions in Columbia, SC

Catch Up in Reading, Writing and Math

Rx for Discovery Interventions 

Rx for Discovery Interventions are designed for Columbia-area students who have not had formal diagnostics done and the family is concerned about one specific skill area.

Going beyond tutoring, students discover how to learn through multisensory, skill-based techniques. Potential students for Rx for Discovery Interventions will be at least one grade behind in their skills, or first grade students who are already struggling to master the basics of the skill. There will be pre and post testing in order to determine progress, and regular communication with parents.

As with all Discovery programs, intervention is provided by qualified educational therapists and can be one-on-one or in a small group setting.

Rx for Discovery Reading

Rx for Discovery Reading intervention, available through our clinic in metro Columbia, SC or via telehealth, is designed for students of all ages who struggle to read. Using the reading components from NILD Educational Therapy®, which is Orton-Gillingham based, this multi-sensory approach to discovering reading is a fun and effective approach to help build and strengthen reading skills.

  • Phonological Processing: The foundation of reading, this is the ability to hear and manipulate the individual sounds in words.
  • Decoding: applying sounds to the written symbols
  • Fluency: Age/Grade appropriate rate and accuracy
  • Vocabulary Development
  • Reading Comprehension
rx for reading

Rx for Discovery Math

Rx for Discovery Math intervention is designed for students who are struggling to master and apply basic math skills. A portion of each session is dedicated to addressing the underlying mathematical concepts and skills that the student is missing, with the remaining time spent helping the student to learn how to think mathematically through their math assignments.

Gains are measured through pre and post achievement testing. This math help goes beyond just tutoring as The Big Ideas of Math are addressed in a fun, multisensory discovery based format, allowing the students to develop:

  • Number Sense
  • Fluency: Age/Grade appropriate rate and accuracy
  • Mathematical Reasoning
  • Problem Solving
rx for reading

Rx for Discovery Writing

Help your student overcome writer's block! Rx for Discovery Writing intervention is designed to address the foundational skills involved with writing. Using the writing components from NILD Educational Therapy®, this multi-sensory approach to discovering writing develops:

  • Visual Motor Components of Writing
  • Language Skills
  • Sentence Writing
  • Paragraph Development
  • Organization of Thoughts
rx for reading

Services available in Columbia, SC metro area and via telehealth.

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