Nutritional Therapy 

Unlock Healthy Eating Habits to Improve Life and Learning

Discovery Nutritional Therapy in Columbia, SC and via Telehealth

There has been far more research on how food choices affect our bodies and minds than most doctors are aware. There is way too much for an individual to sift through themselves. That is where our Nutrition department comes in!

Nutritional therapy, offered at our Columbia learning center or via telehealth, unlocks healthy eating habits by addressing the dietary needs of students, patients, and their families. Food is the fuel that is critical in providing the bio-chemical balances and energy necessary for life and learning. We partner with a doctor of clinical nutrition and functional medicine who has spent the time that you cannot in order to help you learn what choices you need to make to sustain a healthy lifestyle for life and learning. In addition, we have a certified holistic nutritionist who can provide general nutritional counseling. These nutritional counseling services are beneficial for everyone, including those diagnosed with a learning disability.

Services available in Columbia, SC metro area and via telehealth.

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